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my book,
jimbo's livin out rock n roll

the book is finished and at the printers.
there will be a limited number books available in november 2022.

covers from 1978 on the isle of wight to los angeles 1990s
over 150 photos
it is a collection of stories based around a box of photos.
babysitters, hanoi rocks, quireboys, demon preacher and more...

contact me for more info.

long-awaited (by my mum) release of the first album 1985
warning! this cd contains the beard song

the babysitters - 1985 album - $13

international shipping is first class from usa $4.50.
shipping first class in usa $4.50

live at the marquee club - 1986

the babysitters - live at the marquee club - 1986

babysitters live at the marquee london>

live at the marquee club - 1986 - $13 live at the marquee club - 1986 - $13

international shipping is first class from usa $4.50.
shipping first class in usa $4.50

now both available direct in japan!

the babysitters/ 1985 cd

little hand/roadside records

the babysitters/ live at marquee club 1986

little hand/roadside records

the babysitters - '1985 live' beanie hat

'1985 live' beanie hat - $12

contact me about all kinds of babysitters hats — jimbo@jtlive.net

international shipping is first class from usa $? for 1 hat.
shipping first class in usa $3.50

histozic.fr review the babysitters - 'live at the marquee club 1986'
written by jacqes leforestier - 11 sept 2015

uber rock review the babysitters - 'live at the marquee club 1986' (self released)
written by dom daley - 24 april 2015

magic bus 2.0 reloaded the babysitters - available in italy
check out their facebook page.

new found tracks! - remastered! - new art!
recorded live over two sold out nights at the marquee club in london w1 by the john bidgood mobile recording studio. studio tracks recorded at the basement studio, carnaby street, london w1. all tracks remastered at the red barn recorder studio in the southern california desert 2014.

certified worldwide, the commercial success of live at the marquee ep was equaled by its critical reception. generally regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time (by the band), the original 5 tracks represent a creative tour de force that explores the band's dynamic musical range, from the driving rock of "i wanna be on the tv" and acoustic arrangement of "frank bough" to the rock spectacular ♠overkill♠ .

deluxe cd package includes the original artwork, plus the newly created disk and center cover artwork. the original album is newly remastered and features 5 live songs from the live at the marquee recordings which includes 1 new song not on the original ep. 4 tracks from early compilation albums and previously unreleased studio outtakes.

the babysitters were the definitive rock band. it wasn't just their crushingly loud interpretation of the rock music -- it was how they incorporated sarcasm, ignorance, arrogance, timelessness, and a variety of other genres (most notably world music, punk rock, spoon playing and british folk) -- into their sound.

cover art made from the original cut and paste 12 x 12 inch artwork from 1986, that is cut with sissors and pasted with glue. front cover chicken from original drawing by ray zell in 1985.

it's hard to believe the original artwork that i did for this record survived the thirty years. the chicken and back cover was originally made for a record i wanted to make that was to have the rock n roll chicken as an a side and american toys, live at the aylesbury civic center on the b side? the rock n roll chicken (easter mix as it says on the art work was to have previously unreleased tracks and an interview. some how this was what turned into the live at the marquee ep.


impotant note: this record is not intended for use in life support systems or any application where its failure could cause injury or death.

frequently given answers
  • was this cd made on a computer?
    no, this is not a burned cd or cdr. they were made by a professional cd manufacturing company.

  • are you going to re-release the 'sitters album?
    yes, it's out now!

  • were the babysitters the best band in the whole world?
    “the babysitters are the worst band in the whole world” (quote: sounds 1983)
    “the babysitters are the best band in the whole world” (quote: the babysitters)

  • is it the 30th year anniversary of this gig

  • how long does shipping to europe take?
    7-8 days
  • how long does shipping to norway take?
    2 weeks apparently?
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"the music we make can't really be described with conventional labels." stik

"my lyrics is so deep that i don't think you'll get them." jimbo

"wow, so interesting how you claim to be anti-capitalism but still buy clothes." boo

"the thing about music is that it can mean whatever you want it to." buttz

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download no more beards poster uk a4 size
printable pdf
us 8.5 x 11 size
printable pdf
hats - do you want one?! | us beard poster | uk beard poster | contact - jimbo@jtlive.net

so i've been working on this project for over a year. i finally found a local studio that i could trust with the old magnetic tapes only to be told they might be too old to play. it turns out hat professional ampex 456 tape was worst than cassette tape when it came to lasting 30 years. the quarter inch live at the marquee lasted 3 plays. i have some cassette that play better but they only have a limited number of plays as the brown stuff comes off each play. i found some great tracks and included a few of them on this cd. many more to come.

i converted most of what i have to digital and then looked to see what i had. first thing i found on quarter inch was the extra "i want to be on the tv" track that never made it to the live at the marquee ep, that had to be included. and why not put the tracks from the 2 compilation albums we were on. these and others were put through thousands of dollars of digital processing equipment to improve the sound from 30 years ago, improved? i don't realy know what it did.

it never felt like we were doing much with our time back in the day but there are a lot of recordings that some how happened.

i also have about 30 rolls of film from my camera in the 80's to 90s to go through. these will be included in my future book. the inside cover pic was taken for some japanese magazine on medium format color transparency; there are others to go with it. i also have negatives from the rest of the film for the back cover of the babysitters album taken at dingwalls in camden town.

cheers, jimbo - march 2015 (jimbo@jtlive.net)
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